• Bringing health and hope to village life in Africa
  • Teaching the importance of safe water, hygiene and sanitation, a balanced diet, and more
  • Improving the health of Individuals, families, and communities throughout Uganda
  • The Programme has reached over 70,000 individuals. Click on this image to find out how you can help us reach many more!


Globally, 58% of children aged five years or under die from infectious diseases (WHO 2011). This is mainly due to the large number of families using unsafe water, practising poor hygiene/sanitation, and eating a poor diet

The Three Stones Preventative Health Programme is designed to train and teach rural villagers how to reduce the incidence of preventable diseases that are rampant in developing countries. Improved health status promotes the familes welfare by reducing transport and treatment cost therefore resulting in poverty elimination by increasing household disposable income

Villagers cook their food, by balancing their cooking pot on three stones, over an open fire. They understand that if one stone breaks, the pot will fall, losing the family's food.

The programme uses this cooking method as an analogy to teach villagers that the three foundational stones of health are safe water, propper hygiene/sanitation and a balanced diet. As with the cooking pot, all three stones are essential. If one stone "breaks", the family can fall prey to preventable diseases such as Malaria, TB, Typhoid and Cholera.