Easter Update 2014


Greetings from Uganda! Happy Easter!


So far this year we have been in Kayango (Bugiri district) teaching the Three Stones Programme. The people in this group are the most poverty stricken that we have worked with. The majority do not have latrines and the knowledge we, the team, are delivering is very new to them. They are so receptive! It is wonderful to see those eager adult faces responding to our teaching and preaching.


With this group we have a local trainer, Charles, who has such a big heart for his community. Where ever he goes he shows the love of Jesus to all. After the modules he has continued with the monitoring of the people’s homesteads. He was only asked to go once, but on talking to him this week he is maintaining a very close relationship with the people. In fact, he is now helping them build latrines in their compounds. WONDERFUL!


On this particular course we asked for married couples to attend, of which we have three. Below is a picture of Agnes and Fenicus and part of their testimony:


“Our home is now clean and our neighbours are learning as well. Now our children wash their hands when returning from the latrine. I leave all my work to come to the teaching because without you we would not know these things”


Next week we are back in Bugiri this time running a 5 day training course for the Water Committee for World Vision. Please pray that this will be successful and lead to further partnerships with World Vision.


Much work is being done throughout the world looking at the effects of smoke from cooking indoors. Approximately 1.5 million people die each year from the effects of this smoke. On meeting with a professor from the US working in this field we are involved in trying out a new smokeless stove. Philemon in Kapchorwa is carrying out the pilot study in his sub county.


Tiffany, our new Canadian assistant, is an answer to prayer and works very well with the team. This has enabled us to plan to spread God’s love and concern for the poor into more villages. Tiffany will very soon be able to oversee the programme in separate areas with the help of Alfred and Philemon, leaving time for nurturing other senior trainers to run the programme in their areas.



The team in Kayango from left to right: Charles, Tiffany, Alfred, Pat, Philemon


With more people now being able to oversee the programme in different areas, more administration support is needed. To address this we are advertising for two new volunteers to work alongside us. If interested, please visit our website:







Thank-you for your continuing prayers, encouragement and support to the Ugandan people and the programme.  For further information please visit;






May you know the joy of Easter, with love and many blessings.


The Three Stones Preventative Health Programme Team