No Room in the Inn

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Some might wonder, “Where does one sleep when working in a village?” Thankfully, the villages in Bugiri where we have been training are all relatively close to the main trading centre (the area along the main road where people come to trade). In the trading centre there are guest houses were we are able to sleep at night.

It is always an interesting experience staying at our usual guest house. The food we order rarely comes out as expected. We almost always have an issue with the toilets. The mosquito nets have holes, and no matter how many times we ask the workers to turn down the television, it always seems to get turned back up as loud as it can go. We keep going back to this place because it is the most affordable, they serve us breakfast, and after a long day in the village, we are usually happy just to have a place to eat and rest our heads!

Recently, after a long day of travelling on the crazy Ugandan roads, we arrived at our usual guest house in Bugiri to find that there was “no room in the Inn.” This came as a surprise to us since we had asked the regional trainer to book two rooms for us, which several days before, he claimed he had done so.

Unfortunately it was getting dark and we had to search for a new guest house quickly. When it gets dark in Bugiri, it gets very dark! Eventually we found a place to stay but there was no driveway into the property. As the picture below demonstrates, we had to navigate our way around the neighbourhood to get in and out of the guest house.


Although it had its difficulties, for only a few shillings more, the rooms were definitely more comfortably than our usual place. There were no holes in the mosquito nets and there was no blaring television!

When we talked to the regional trainer to figure out what happened with the original booking, he informed us that he had only spoken to the room keeper not to the manager. Clearly the message did not get passed along! He said, “That is the mistake I have made.”

Although finding a new place to stay was slightly stressful in the dark, in hindsight, we’re glad to have discovered a new (and even better) place to sleep!

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