Tiffany's Farwell in Kayango Village

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Tiffany came to Uganda with a heart for health promotion, specifically in the area of Nutrition. She has been working with the Three Stones for 18 months durring which she has learned an incredible amount.

"I am so amazed with the amount I have learned during my time in Uganda. Through the Three Stones Programme I have seen not only the importance of teaching the basics on accessing and consuming a healthy balanced diet, but I have gained a new perspective on health in general. I have been amazed by how many people do not have knowledge about safe drinking water,  hygiene practices such as washing hands, building and using latrines, and so many other basics which I had completely taken forgranted."

Tiffany is now moving to Canada to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work, specializing in International and Community Development.

"I have realized that so many of the health issues that we see around the world actually stem from social issues such as lack of education, gender inequality, and unequal distrubution of resources. Durring my time here, I've seen many people struggle, but I have also seen incredible hope. The way that the Three Stones works at community level is to empower the villagers to take responsibility for their health, and make a difference in not only their own lives, but throughout their community. I have seen so many lives changed because of this programme. People have achieved improved health, families have saved money, parents have started businesses, and many children now go to school. And best of all, it's all being done in the name of Jesus!"

To say good-bye to Tiffany, we had a party to celebrate the work she has done with the Three Stones. 







'I am so thankful that Tiffany agreed to work with us in the Three Stones Programme, she has motivated so many people with her enthusiasm and energy and has contributed both physically and spiritually to the benefit of all of us. We wish her God Speed and many blessings in her new venture. I do not think we have seen the last of Tiffany!' - Patricia



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