Ruth’s testimony

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Ruth’s testimony 2015   
This is Ruth’s testimony, this is just one of many stories of how the training has helped families.
Quote; ‘Before I get training, I was not good. Because I were getting ill all the time and I were spending much money in hospital and clinics.  After studying how to use safe water and wash hands after visiting toilet then my family became healthy. The training has helped my family to save money which I would be spending on medication. I am now saving it and I have good health because of eating balanced diet. I am now paying school fees of my children. On that savings I have now managed to buy a second hand motor cycle which is 1,400,000.Ugandan Shillings (£400)’

A motorbike is used for generating household income, transporting people and goods.

After training Ruth has been able to buy the house she was originally renting. Inside the house she has partitioned of an area to use as a shop, again generating income.
She has also been selected to be a parish health chair person, when the TSPHP trainer visited Ruth, un-announced, she was busy training in the village. People appreciate her because of the training as they are now recognising and understanding the value of latrines, tippy taps and boiling their drinking water.

She states quote ‘How the training has helped my church:
The training has helped me to teach the church members to also become role models. Three families have believed Jesus Christ because of the training after teaching them the difference between diarrhoea and demons because most of the believers were saying that diarrhoea is caused by demons in the community.  I have also helped 4 churches to build improved pit latrines (Toilets) with Tippy Taps.

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