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Alfred Wangala


(Alfred, left, teaching villagers the three stones' approach)

"I attended a 'Three Stones' training programme in 2006. Before the training I did not know much about hygiene, I used to walk barefoot in the village as I did not know that some of the worms I suffered from were the result of this and I learnt how suffering from worms affected my health. Since the training, my children and I now wear shoes all the time. We have not suffered from hookworm since.
My children used to suffer so much from diarrhoea but since putting the training  into practice the children, including my baby, do not suffer from diarrhoea anymore. They have it now in their minds that they cannot eat without first washing their hands.
I have learnt now to eat quality rather than quantity, with a healthy, balanced diet.
Our family's lifestyle has now changed- I now know how to get protein out of soil now I plant soya beans. The children no longer have skin disease as now they eat fruit and vegetables.
I have learnt that water is medicine. When I had headaches I used to take medicine now I take extra water so money does not go the drug shop! If I had no money to buy medicine in the past I used to sell the family's food. I am now able to raise the funds for my children's education because medicine used to take a lot of money. The training has improved my family's income and prospects.
My older children do not suffer from malaria now...unfortunately my baby caught malaria, as when I was away, his mother did not take him into the house at nightfall to avoid mosquitoes."
By Alfred Wangalwa (2012)
Kiiza Godfrey
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Kiiza Godfrey (left) is a senior trainer who has been with the Three Stones Program since 2006. This is his story:
"The three stone project has helped me to prevent communicable diseases in my family and community. Before I joined the three stone programme I used to be admitted to the health centre almost every week and I used to spend all the money on medication. After joining the program I was trained how to prevent diseases and promote good sanitation. My young boy Chrispul is now  twelve years old but he has spent seven years without being admitted to the health centre because of any disease. Due to saving I have managed to buy a small portion of land and I am paying school fees for my children.
As a community, we used to have regular break outs of diarrhea  and cholera. After getting this training, I started teaching my community how to prevent communicable diseases. We have now gone four years without having any person being admitted because of diarrhea or cholera. The people in my community are no longer spending their money on medication. Last year (2012) we had a national competition of sanitation and our parish got second out of 250 parishes in the district. This is anachievement in the community people are admiring to have.  Other communities in the district have asked to have the same training but because of limited funds we are unable to pay for transportation to reach them.
Hoping my Testimonial will be appreciated by all of you who read it with great thanks,
Kiiza Godfrey"

Jane Akaro


Jane is a senior trainer from the Katakwi region. She is married and has 4 children. She is an Elder of the church and is a women’s councilor.  Jane is committed to teaching women and is a voice for the women in her area.
"The spread of diseases in my family has come to nearly zero and I no longer spend money on treatments. I stay in the program as a volunteer because the knowledge and wisdom is of greater value to me than allowance. I find purpose in fighting for basic human needs and rights. The Three Stones Program is an eye-opener for the women in my communities."
William Kwerwanaho
William  (left) is from Kabujera  and is a new senior trainer. The following is the report from William’s visit to the participants in Bukurugo:
"The Program has been successful for many people of different areas. It is a medicine to their lives, especially for those who live on the shores of Lake George during the recent cholera epidemic. Cholera had entered the area but the trained people were not affected. This is a Testomony to the work of the Lord."
The Three Stones Programme was introduced to the District of Busia in 2007. The following is from a letter written to the programme by the local health center in 2010:
“We have registered a remarkable success towards eradicating some of the most deadly communicable diseases due to the workers who have sensitized the community and made them aware of being hygienic at all times. The Three Stones campaign has enabled this unit to combat malnutrition, dysentery, worms and cholera.”
The local official of Busia also wrote to the program:
“The community workers have done us proud by educating the mass on nutrition. They have reduced malnutrition cases such as kwashiorkor, marasmus and other related complications. In brief, I would recommend that if these workers are supported, they can continue to cause more change.”  


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