The trainers and their translators teaching in a village church.







 The Participants are very eager and willing to learn!




The successful completion of the course working in partnership with another NGO.



Joining hands in Prayer



Children love to wash their hands

using their new Tippy Tap. Their

parents make these during the first training module and take them home.




Gender issues in Uganda are sensitive. We use games to get the message across in a fun way.




The Programme teaches individuals

the importance of healthy foods.

Many of these foods are easy to grow

and are plentiful, and therefore

are considered less valuable in this culture



The Church as a classroom



The programme aims at improving people's health but not changing their culture.



Kayango Village Training (Second Module)




The village church where we teach




Participants are eager and ready to learn



 Working together in groups builds team-work, communication and decision making skills 



Teaching about the HIV life cycle

 Presentation of group work.



Family showing off their new drying rack. They build it as a result of the first training. 






Children carrying water from the local water source



 Many curious faces!



Boys flying a kite made out of a plastic bag