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Ruth's testimony
This is Ruth's testimony, this is just one of many stories of how the training has helped families.
Quote; 'Before I get training, I was not good. Because I were getting ill all the time and I were spending much money in hospital and clinics. After studying how to use safe water and wash hands after visiting toilet then ... (read more)




Tiffany's Farewell in Kayango Village

Tiffany is sadly leaving the programme and is moving back to Canada to further her studies. The participants of the programme eagerly attended a farewell party held in the village church. The day was full of mixed feeling for everybody. Overall it was wonderful to hear the thankfullness of the people who have participated in the programme, however it was very sad for Tiffany to say good-bye.

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 From the Towns to the Villages...

From the towns where we stay to the villages where we teach, working in Uganda is always full of adventures! Here are some recent photos for you to enjoy!





A Few Words...

Click here to check out the latest news on the impact of the Three Stones Programme in Kayango Village. 



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No Room in the Inn

Some might wonder, “Where does one sleep when working in a village?” Thankfully, the villages in Bugiri where we have been training are all relatively close to the main trading centre (the area along the main road where people come to trade). In the trading centre there are guest houses were we are able to sleep at night. It is always an interesting experience staying at our usual guest house... (See more)





It Works!

The Kimutais: One of many families experiencing sustainable, healthy behavioural change (See More)




Training in Nankoma for World Vision

Last month we were invited to teach for World Vision in Nankoma sub-county. We were asked to conduct a five day course for 35 participants on the Three Stones with an emphasis on Safe water. Overall the course was a huge success. The participants were very responsive to the teaching and we really enjoyed working with World Vision. However, no trip to the village can be free from a few “bumps” along the way. (See More)



Spring Update

So far this year we have been in Kayango (Bugiri district) teaching the Three Stones Programme. The people in this group are the most poverty stricken that we have worked with. The majority do not have latrines and the knowledge we, the team, are delivering is very new to them. They are so receptive! It is wonderful to see those eager adult faces responding to our teaching and preaching. (See More)




Trainers' Testimonies

"I attended a 'Three Stones' training programme in 2006. Before the training I did not know much about hygiene, I used to walk barefoot in the village as I did not know that some of the worms I suffered ... (read more)





Director's Update

May we hold hands around the world as we celebrate the past year and look forward to what God has in store for this year. (See More)

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